Friday, May 20, 2011


walked about 3 miles. through the woods. and around the track in woodbridge. it was so nice. so peaceful. no headphones. just the sounds of the woods. pictures to follow (probably tomorrow).

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


i love her. and everything she has ever done. the future of everything lays in the hands of her. i sorta feel like she's the new bjork. but not as weird. and obviously not icelandic. to put it simply she's the best pop artist around right now. get into her before it's too late and she selling out madison square garden. oh wait. did she already do that?? maybe. you're too late.

best tattoo ever!!!

best stencil ever!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

quite days//lazy streets


still after all these years i love her. the videos. the performances. seeing her open for peaches in williamsburg was amazing. seeing her play the wildrose beer garden in whatever year that was (2005??) was not. but it didn't matter. the ides behind it was all that mattered. her performances at the moma and the frye are legendary. if you don't know here check her out. oh. and her beats are bagning.


expect more things like this. and some rants. and raves. and i'm sure some craziness.

about this

so. yes. i finally got a blog. is that correct?? "got" a blog? opened a blog? oh well i guess it doesn't really matter. expect more from this once i figure out how to use it. oh. and follow me. or something.